The insurance industry is regulated by both state and federal law and can be complicated to the average individual. Insurance companies are a business and make decisions everyday that affect the rights of policy holders, often to their detriment.  If insurers fail to honor the terms of the policies they have underwritten, arbitrarily change coverage terms, fail to notify policyholders of cancellations or changes in their coverage, or take an unusually long time to settle a claim, the policyholder may have a claim for damages.  Attorney Keval Patel will investigate these bad faith gestures and practices to make sure your rights as an insurer are protected. Our approach begins with the insurance company dispute resolution program and continues to the Texas Department of Insurance.  If we are unsuccessful at resolving your dispute, we will engage in litigation to protect your rights.  Attorney Keval Patel will seek any and all of your losses, including legal fees and any additional hardships (loss of work, pain and suffering, etc.) you encountered due to the company’s actions.  The law office of Keval Patel, P.C. seeks to make sure you are in as good of a position as you were before the incident occurred.  Don’t let insurance companies take your money for premiums while arbitrarily denying your valid claims!

 Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Remember that by signing an insurance policy, you have entered into an agreement with the insurance provider.  Generally, you agree to pay premiums while the insurance company agrees to provide coverage according to the terms contained within the policy.  Often time’s insurance companies will make decisions that adversely affect your rights including but not limited to the following:

  • Termination of a policy without notification
  • Delay in paying a claim
  • Change in coverage without notification
  • Denial of applicable coverage
  • Refusal to honor a life insurance policy

Attorney Keval Patel will diligently represent you against your insurance provider to insure your rights are protected.  Don’t let a denial on a valid claim bring your down, you have rights and the legal system is the proper method of protecting those rights.