As a son of immigrant parents, I saw first-hand the benefits and burdens of the law for individuals and small businesses trying to grow. After years of schooling and working for some of the nation’s best and brightest firms, K&D saw time and time again the difference a good lawyer could make. A lawyer who was reachable, efficient, and aligned with his client’s interests is what every client wanted. Attorney Keval Patel decided to do something about it.

K&D Patel, PLLC was founded to bring something different to the legal wo$rld. Tired of the high fees and low efficiency of other firms, we wanted to find a way to offer high-quality legal services at prices that real people can afford. We do that by integrating our practice with technology and methods that sophisticated individuals and small businesses can benefit from. With online calendaring, instant messaging, and a secure client site where you can view your case information and status at your convenience, we can communicate how and when it is convenient for you.

With a varied background in tax, political science and of course the law, the firm brings to the table a depth of experience that serves our clients well. More importantly, we work with our clients to achieve results as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s simple – and that’s the point.

We’re here for you when you need us.